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Observations and Occidentals

Certain anthologies containing my short stories are already available. You can find Queens & Courtesans, A Lone Star in the Sky, Witches & Warriors, and Revenants & Rebels for purchase on amazon.


Works In Progress

October 2022

Blood & Braids - a postapocalyptic magical race through the Texas wasteland.

Horror in 3 Parts - Cousins inherit a hotel, ghosts, a serial killer, and a mystery.

A Cup of Ashes - ghost hunting based out of a Dallas coffee shop (FINISHED - Shopping for an agent)

Daughters of the Grove - small-town sheriff meets big bad secret society

Published 2023

Strange Geometry

Shared glances

Dark words

from stolen tomes

read in a voice not their own

Such strange behavior

for teen girls

Chalk lines

Shapes undulate

Calling forth madness

To hold court with the unholy

Such strange geometry

for this world

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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